Press Brake Bending

Press Brake Bending

Sheet metals in our  press brake bending units, can be bended in 50 mm thickness and 12000 in max lenght according to desired angle in a sensiive way to the tolerance values.

On a CNC controlled 1200-ton hydraulic press brake provieds full compliance to the given projects through entering the parametrial values such as quality, thickness, bending angles, shape and tolerances.

Project control, determination of booting, material control before the pending, and quality control of the dimensions and angles and also the controlling of the coherence to the given projects and engineering services after the bending is being performed

is been performed by our technical office to provide customer satisfaction.
We do bendings of materials that are needin in manufacturing industry and in industrial facilities such sheet materials, adapters, panels, channels, etc. Also we perform the bending of stainless steel corrugated hair (transverse and longitudinal) Bilge hair (fore and aft) and accommodation space hair which are required by the shipbuilding industry, in a good way according to the template given at any time.

We have the stockpiles of the sheet material before and after the bending.