Twist Cylinder

Twist Cylinder

Our 2 hydraulic press cylinder plates which are located in our cylinder hair bending unit, hair plates up to maximum thickness of 20mm and 3700 mm length and up to 50 mm thickness and 3000 mm length can be bended according to desired angle and tolerans value in a sensitive way.

With cranes with bridges that weigh 20 and 50 tons and are at 12m ceiling high, we provide bendings according to desired anges.
Outside of cylinder parts, bending of all kinds of conics, brackets, springs and the oval parts are is performed by our experienced crew at any desired extent .

Removal of the unfolding lengths and shapes of parts bended at the sides, investigation and determination of projects, quality controls of size, circularity, ovality and radius is also made by our technical office and engineering services and thus customer satisfaction is provided.

Optionally the removed parts in the boot, and the supply of material and segments can also be made.

Bending of the materials needed in the manufacturing industry and industrial facilities, such as sheet materials, cylinder parts, conics, adapters, brackets, springs, pipes and similar parts, is performed.
Chain pipes, bilge hair, manhole and body hair which are required in the shipbuilding industry are twisted according to the project and the templates given, in the desired time schedule in the best way.

We have the stockpiles of the sheet material before and after bending.